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A Python development and ventures studio with the mission to deliver elegant applicative tools and solutions to foster Tezos adoption.


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We believe that the last friction to unlock Tezos potential is the remaining complexity of programming languages and the lack of practical tools to bootstrap a dApp.

Discover also the extended smart contract library the piracy has to offer. 

Write Tezos smart contracts in the progamming language which holds the largest developer community.

Pip Install PyMich gives you access to a python to michelson transpiler interoperable with with PyTezos and any regular python tooling.



An all-in-one platform to manages smart-contracts, store keys and automate Digital assets transactions.

Spool is an advanced and programmer friendly REST API to build the next generation of Tezos blockchain apps easily.

A reference suite of smart contracts to secure compliant financial transactions on Tezos.

More than 200 contracts have already been deployed to secure ownership of pivate company accross the globe.

The Crew

We offer an end-to-end consultancy experience to join the blockchain revolution using battle-tested technologies.


We’re ready to teach about blockchain & its technologies. 


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Ask our architecture Expert some help.  

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We also do Security Audit.


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We are eager for innovation. 

Infra & Bakery
Infra & Bakery
Smart contract dev.
Formal verification
Tokenomics Analysis
DeFi Fintech
DeFi Fintech
Fiat to crypto systems
NFT Structuring
Security Audit

Hard but easy

Join the ventures studio ! We’re looking for experienced entrepreneur, disruptive ideas and eager to change the world. 

We offer investments and dev for Equity model to accelerate your project.


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We offer investments and dev for Equity model to accelerate your project.

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